Android 11 beta Released for TECNO Pouvoir 4, See How to get it

Android 11 is the eleventh generation of Google’s operating system. The full public release of the OS isn’t expected until towards the end of the year. However, the beta is currently in circulation. Since Google discontinued the alphabetical branding of the OS name after the Android 10, the 11th edition features a dial turned to 11, which is a reference to ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ – a music mockumentary film.


TECNO, has released Android 11 Beta 1 build for the Tecno Pouvoir 4. The phone sports the MediaTek MT6761 SoC, which is more commonly known as the MediaTek Helio A22. Matter of fact, Tecno also took part in the Android Q beta testing in 2019. Back then, they rolled out a pre-release build of Android 10 for the Helio A22-powered Tecno Spark 3 Pro.

How to Download the Android 11 beta on TECNO Pouvoir 4 

Before you begin this process of downloading the Android 11 beta on your TECNO Pouvoir 4, make sure you back up every file (photos, videos, documents e.t.c) you’ve on your phone.

  • Download the Android 11 beta version 1.0 by clicking on this link
  • Download this Setup Guide pdf file and follow the instructions.
  • The interesting part about this is that you can revert back to Android 10 OS if you end up not liking the Android 11 beta. To do that, click on the Android 10 download link here.
  • For the Setup Guide of the Android 10, download this pdf file

Note: This is not the final version of the Android 11 OS hence it is normal for some features to be missing or not work at all. The beta release ‘may’ affect some apps, battery life, or performance. It is also important to point out that the camera may not be as good as expected. If you notice that your Pouvoir 4 smartphone is malfunctioning beyond control, simple download and install the Android 10 or reach out to TECNO Mobile for further assistance.

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